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Take part in ESA's Cool Comet competition

31. 05. 11

The European Space Agency (ESA) is running a competition via Twitter to celebrate 25 years of comet science, and the landmark 'hibernation' step of their ongoing Rosetta mission.

Rosetta is currently on a ten-year journey to rendezvous with comet 67-P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 2014, when it will become the first spacecraft to undertake the long-term exploration of a comet at close quarters. In June, at almost four times farther from Earth than the Sun, Rosetta will enter hibernation until January 2014, when it will wake for final approach to its target.

The Cool Comet campaign will run on Twitter, and entrants are encouraged to participate, with the final prize being attendance to a special Rosetta event at ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany.

To enter, students need to tweet their entry on 'why comets are cool', including the "#coolcomet" hashtag, leaving a mere 130 characters, meaning brevity is important.

The tweet may also include a single URL, or weblink, that links to a 'non-text' submission, such as a picture, image, photo, animation, video, audio file or any other sort of digital content. Maybe students could sing a song about comets, and submit a link to a video of them singing on YouTube? (The judges will look unfavourably on any content that takes longer than 3 minutes to view).

ESA will review all submissions and an expert judging panel will grade tweets for clarity, wit, humour, scientific accuracy and originality. All submissions will also be published on the Rosetta blog.

Full rules and regulations can be found on the ESA website.

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