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Rosetta swings by Mars (Credits: ESA, image by AOES Medialab)

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ESERO-UK collection

The resources in this collection bring together materials from ESA and other providers to use space as an engaging context for teaching and learning in STEM subjects.

Leading Space Education Programme

These resources have been written by teachers from some of the Leading Space schools, funded by the Science and Technologies Facilities Council. Read this report that showcases the work of this programme.

What's on Space education events

Atomic structure and radioactivity twilight CPD

England (Midlands)

05. 03. 15

This series of six twilight sessions has been designed in response to teachers who wish to explore even more 'space related' strategies for teaching GCSE physics. Each session will focus on different areas of the physics curriculum. Teachers…

Twilight Rosetta Mission CPD


10. 03. 15

Stirling High School, Stirling, Scotland The Science Technology Facilities Council (STFC) have called upon the expertise of the National Space Academy to share the science of the Rosetta Mission with teachers across the UK. Our twilight CPD sessions…

The latest news articles

Tim Peake's Google Hangout on Radio 2

25. 02. 15

Do you listen in to BBC Radio 2? Today and yesterday you may have heard Chris Evans chatting with Heidi from Rode Heath Primary School about Rolls-Royce science prize winner; has attended the ESERO Primary Conference and her school was part of the ESERO…

Solar Eclipse 2015

25. 02. 15

By Tom Lyons, ESERO Teacher Fellow. On 11th August 1999, I was standing in my back garden, in Oxford. It was a warm summer’s morning but fairly cloudy. Gradually the sky became dark, the temperature dropped slightly, and the only noise to be…

Scientists to try to contact alien life

13. 02. 15

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute has announced a plan to broadcast greetings to planets that are potentially habitable, in the hope of contacting alien life. SETI started Project Ozma, using vast satellites dishes to 'listen' for alien life in the 1960s, but has so far received no viable signals. They hope that reaching out to planets in habitable orbits around distant stars, might cause an advanced civilization to speak back. To find out more about sending radio signals to space click here to visit our Radioastronomy resources on the National STEM Centre eLibrary.

Smiling galaxies

12. 02. 15

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured a photograph of two galaxies that appear to form a smiling face. The galaxies (SDSSCGB 8842.3 and SDSSCGB 8842.4) were photographed by the telescope with deceptive 'smile' lines, that are actually…

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