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Rosetta swings by Mars (Credits: ESA, image by AOES Medialab)

Inspiring resource in the eLibrary

ESERO-UK collection

The resources in this collection bring together materials from ESA and other providers to use space as an engaging context for teaching and learning in STEM subjects.

Tim Peake space resources and inspiration

Find out how your school can get involved and be inspired by Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Station. Access packages of space-themed resources for use with pupils from age 5 to post-16.

What's on Space education events

European Space Agency open day


04. 10. 15

The European Space Agency (ESA) are holding an open day on 4 October 2015 at their technical centre in the Netherlands. Times 10:00-17:00 (CEST) Venue European Space Agency – ESTEC Keplerlaan 1 2201 Noordwijk Netherlands This…

Space as a context for teaching science: the EarthCARE mission (part 2)

Nationwide, England (North East)

19. 10. 15 - 20. 10. 15

The EarthCARE mission aim is to study the role that clouds and aerosols play in reflecting solar radiation back into space and in trapping infrared radiation emitted from the Earth's surface. These are currently the largest uncertainties in weather,…

The latest news articles

Gaia completes first year of scientific observations

01. 09. 15

In December 2013, the eLibrary to help you teach about Gaia’s mission, including animated clips, leaflets and videos.

World Space Week is fast approaching

18. 08. 15

The winner of the World Space Week 2015 Poster Competition has been announced. This annual competition comes in preparation for resources to help teach about space in your lessons for pupils of all ages.

Apply now for ESA/GTTP Teacher Training Workshop 2015

14. 08. 15

Apply now! The deadline for receipt of applications is 8pm on 21 September 2015.

Zero Robotics Tournament to launch in September 2015

11. 08. 15

The Zero Robotics Tournament will officially begin in September 2015, following the competition’s success the previous three years it has been running. This competition is organised by Zero Robotics website.

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